Where Will Matt Forte Sign?

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Where Will Matt Forte Sign?

The immediate free agent question begins over and over, Where Will Matt Forte Sign? Where Will Matt Forte Sign? Any team that wants an immediate complete all around starter at running back. I do not care that he is 30 years old. You will receive one of the best running backs in all of football. Adrian Petersen once called him the Steph Curry of The NFL. Matt Forte is a great all around running back who can run, catch passes, and one of the best blockers at running back. So no matter where Matt Forte will sign he will be a starter.  So Where Will Matt Forte sign?


 This is list is a combined list of order of possibility and also of where we favor him to go.


 So here are 10 of the top teams we think where will Matt Forte sign.


  • Indianapolis Colts

The Colts would finally get their all around running back and what a perfect fit. I think Indy is ideal for Forte too with Luck at QB . This will save luck from getting hit because Forte is a great check pass receiver and great blocker as well. .If Indy adds strength to their defensive and offensive line and then Matt Forte they would become immediate super bowl contenders. DONE. Indy should go after Matt Forte strong.

  • N.Y. Giants

The Giants committee by backfield approach last season didn’t quite cut it for Eli Manning. Rashad Jennings is good player, but his upside is limited. Shane Vereen wasn’t the answer at pass catching back like they had envisioned. Eli would be very happy to have Matt Forte in a giants uniform.  He gets not only a pass catcher but again a tremendous blocker and runner. New Head Coach Ben McAdoo would love Matt Forte as a Giant too. So Why Not? Matt Forte a NY Giant.

  • New England Patriots

Ask Willie McGinest where will Matt Forte sign?, and he will tell you the Patriots. The Patriots want a solid running back Tom Brady wants a running back like Forte to protect Brady. Forte wants to win a Super Bowl.  Yes it very possible if Forte is solely after the ring.

  • Miami Dolphins

Teams looking to help their quarterback are salivating at a chance of signing Matt Forte. Ryan Tannehill needs to learn how to dump the ball off to his check down receivers, and that is simplified with Matt Forte ability to get open out of the backfield. Miami could be a nice fit for Forte to sign.

  • San Francisco 49ers

If Matt is looking to get paid I do believe San Fran might step up and go big.Who better than Forte to lead and build this offense around. Colin Kapernick is texting Matt right now saying come to San Fran.

  • San Diego Chargers

Melvin Gordon averaged 3.5 yards a carry as a rookie, and didn’t exactly turn heads. San Diego certainly gave him his share of carries with 184 attempts last season and 12 starts. Will they continue handing Melvin the ball? San Diego would be interesting.

  • Baltimore Ravens

Harbaugh and former Bears head coach Marc Tresman have to be begging Ozzie Newsome. Joe Flacco is a super bowl winner and Forte fits nicely in Tresmans scheme. Another possible match made in heaven for the both.

  • N.Y Jets

Former teammate Brandon Marshall has to be on the phone with Forte. Jets have a nice defense and receivers. Makes sense signing

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Lovie Smith always raved about Matt Forte being a complete running back. Presuming Doug Martin isn’t back, they will lose a solid starter in Martin. The have a young quarterback who should progress further even faster with a player like Forte to help him.

  • Dallas Cowboys

Dallas always believes they are contenders but does Matt Forte? They did not want to pay DeMarco Murray,and Mcfadden was actually really good. I’d believe they are going to have to rethink their value on the running back position if they want Forte.

Author: Jason Raider

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