Second Year Running Backs 2016

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Second Year Running Backs 2016 – Who tops the list?

#1 of our second year running backs 2016: David Johnson

second year running backs 2016: David Johnson

David Johnson is at the top of our second year running backs 2016. He was not the elite name of the 2015 draft class. That did not stop Bruce Arians from giving him the chance. He has the ability to be a special running back. David Johnson really came on strong at the end of 2015. I expect he will be given the workload in 2016 and will be up for the  task. I rank him as the #3 overall fantasy running back short of only AP and Leveon Bell. Devonta Freeman and Todd Gurley are # 4 and # 5 respectively.


#2 of our second year running backs 2016: Todd Gurley

second year running backs 2016 Todd Gurley

Gurley was seen as the top running back talent heading into 2015 and in some games he proved his supporters to be correct. Unfortunately he plays in an average offense and when better defenses stack the line against him, he struggles. While there is little reason to believe that this will change in 2016, he will still have HUGE games against weak to average defenses. I would go early second round for Gurley, but keep in mind that this is because I like a lot of receivers to go early not because I like a lot of other running backs. The Second Year Running Backs 2016 are a talented group of guys and Gurley certainly has the ability to be one of the best fora longtime.


#3 of our second year running backs 2016: Jeremy Langford

second year running backs 2016: Jeremy Langford

Langford is certain to be one of the top fantasy football second year running backs 2016. He was an excellent surprise for the Chicago Bears when he got his chance as the starter. He excelled as both a pass catcher and runner and exploded with the ball through the line of scrimmage. He certainly made the Bears decision much easier in departing ways with veteran running back Matt Forte. He has nice vision and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.This is a player I would be excited about drafting next season. Jeremy Langford should be drafted within the first 2 rounds. I would look to draft him early in the 2nd round. If he falls to you in the 3rd certainly grab him up.


#4 of our second year running backs 2016: Ameer Abdullah

second year running backs 2016 Ameer Abdullah

Abdullah is prime example of a risk reward player. This second year running back 2016 is one of the most explosive. His total yards per carry wasn’t bad 4.2 and he ran for 597 yards respectively given little opportunities. He came on stronger towards end of year within given more snap, but still only scored 2 touchdowns all season.The risk isn’t all that high being I don’t think he will be drafted until 3rd round or beyond. The reward could pay off high if he remains the primary ball carrier in Detroit. Traditionally Detroit is a passing offense , but they might change with no more Calvin Johnson in town. I wouldn’t want to reach too high on Amer,but if he’s there in round 3 I’d feel safe taking him depending on the draftboard.


#5 of our second year running backs 2016: Matt Jones

second year running backs 2016 Matt Jones

I would have Matt higher than Ameer if we had seen Washington show more confidence at the end of season. Now there is no longer Alfred Morris in town and Matt looked explosive as a rookie. He had some ball control concerns. This is something I am certain the coaches are working on. They want to get this guy on the field. He has the potential to really light it up. The reward is high on Matt Jones, and I expect him to be drafted by rounds 3 or 4. Personally, Matt Jones is a running back I am targeting and I hope he falls in my draft.


#6 of our second year running backs 2016: Javorius “Buck”Allen

second year running backs 2016 Javorius BuckAllen

The worry with Javorius here is Justin Forsett and running back by committee. They also still have Lorenzo Taliaferro and Terrance West who will fight for the final running back spot in training camp. This backfield worries me a little and has the classic looks of a running back by committee.. The upside here is Marc Trestman is the offensive coordinator for the ravens and he certainly loves passing the ball to his backs. He likes to get his running backs involved. This results in good fantasy numbers. Buck looked good in his first season and I expect he will be the lead back. Still we do have to look at all aspects and therefore I expect Javorius to be drafted in rounds 3 or 4 with some risk but still worthy of a roster spot as a potential RB #2.


#7 of our second year running backs 2016: Jay Ajaya

second year running backs 2016: Jay Ajaya

We have yet to see much of Jay Ajaya. Injuries and Lamar Miller kept him off the field in his rookie season. That being said he did appear in 9 games with only 187 yards. The Dolphin players endorse him and he did show us some toughness witht he ball in his hands. The issue I have with Ajayi is injuries..He seems a type reckless runner ala Marshawn Lynch, and that leaves him prone to excessive vicious hits. Can his body hold up? That remains to be seen. I still Like Jay Ajayi and think he could be a heck of starter for the Dolphins. He has a high risk reward and will be gone by the end of round 4, barring the Dolphins not overloading their backfield in free agency or the draft.


#8 of our second year running backs 2016: Duke Johnson Jr.

second year running backs 2016: Duke Johnson Jr.

The # 8 second year running back 2016 is the former Hurricane. I love Duke Johnson , he is a really good running back that can run and catch. I dislike the Cleveland Browns organization. I am not believing Hugh Jackson is a one year miracle man with this organization. They will be an interesting team to watch. Player wise; who rosters up and throws the ball for them this next season. If Johnson ends up being the primary ball carrier he could explode on the seen in Fantasy football. His numbers were respectful last season with 104 rushes at 379 yards, but 61 catches and 534 yards receiving. He proved to be a solid pass catching back.


#9 of our second year running backs 2016: Melvin Gordon

second year running backs 2016: Melvin Gordon

A healthy Melvin Gordon made it through 2015 with a terrible offensive line.  The offensive line has not improved much as of yet, so we can only hope it does for Gordon. He managed  641 yards rushing in 2015 with only a 3.5 average and 0 touchdowns. I am not a huge fan of this chargers team,and I think it maybe one of  worse teams in the league next season. I am not sold on Gordon yet either , he often looked like Trent Richardson out there. He was very indecisive trying to pick holes to run through. We can only hope he learns after experience  on how to find the hole. I carried Gordon on one of my fantasy teams last year, until I dropped him at the end. He should be the starter which cannot be ignored in fantasy. I would expect him o be drafted in most formats around rounds 5 or 6. So if he is there rounds 7 or beyond you must draft him.


#10 of our second year running backs 2016: Tevin Coleman

second year running backs 2016: Tevin Coleman

Our final second year running back 2016 is Tevin Coleman. One of my favorite players out of Indiana Hoosiers. Too bad he has Devonta Freeman to contend with otherwise he be a fantasy stud. That being said, Tevin Coleman is on my radar to draft. I love his explosiveness and ability to out up huge gains on little carries. He truly is a running back that could take it to the house at anytime. He could very well steal even more carries away in 2016. I would draft Coleman in round 5 in a heartbeat if he is there. Depending on who’s around in round 4, I’d even go as high as the 4th round to pick him. He is a must own handcuff for Devonta Freeman owners. Tevin Coleman could blow up as the fantasy stud  out of all the Second Year Running Backs 2016.

Author: Jason Raider Jason Raider

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