Potential Starting Rookie Quarterbacks in 2016

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Potential Starting Rookie Quarterbacks

Potential Starting Rookie Quarterbacks

Are There Quality Potential Starting Rookie Quarterbacks in 2016?

This seems to be the classic boom or bust class of the decade. Certainly we have a couple players here that will go onto having quality NFL careers. What about athletically gifted QBs like Cardale Jones? He has boom or bust written all over him. Or Memphis idol Paxton Lynch? He looks and acts the part of a confident young team leader and should be one of the first QBs off the board. Someone could have the steal of the draft or set their franchise back 5 years looking for quarterback after quarterback to lead their team. So we have compiled a small list of potential starting rookie quarterbacks from this years 2016 class. We also gave each potential starting rookie quarterbacks our own potential rating. This means the QB’s potential future rating among the elite at the position. My personal two favorites for the most upside are Paxton Lynch and Cardale Jones. Although Jared Goff is ranked the #1 potential starting rookie quarterbacks for 2016, because I feel he will be an early round one NFL draft pick. This is an extremely interesting group of young signal callers. Each and every one them have question marks, but undoubtedly we have seen some awesome skills displayed in big games on college gameday. Now who’s next to step it up in the NFL game? To think Cardale Jones has only started 11 college games. The kid has won a national championship already. How about Columbus Indiana’s Gunner Kiel? We have heard the hype for years about Kiel, but we haven’t seen enough yet. Will GMs and coaches look at players like these guys and say he’s worth a round 1 risk? Do or die decisions like this remain to be seen. I happen to like this group of quarterbacks, and below you can see my hand picked list of next seasons potential starting rookie quarterbacks. Maybe one of these gun slingers might be your QB next season.

Name College Potential NFL Team Potential Rating
Jarod Goff California Browns/49ers 8
Paxton Lynch Memphis 49ers/Cowboys 9
Connor Cook Michigan State Texans/Lions 7
Carson Wentz North Dakota State Eagles/49ers 8
Cardale Jones Ohio State Bills/Browns 8
Jacoby Brissett NC State Cowboys/Rams 7
Gunner Kiel Cincinnati Lions/Jets 7
Christian Hackenberg Penn State Rams/Texans 7
Dak Prescott Mississippi State Jets/Saints 6
Kevin Hogan Stanford 49ers/Cowboys 6

Author: Jason Raider

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