NFL Wild Wildcard Weekend – The Bengal Curse is Real

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NFL Wild Wildcard weekend – The Bengal Curse is real

So undoubtedly this wild card didn’t lack any drama. It certainly was entertaining but disappointing to fans of the Texans,Bengals,Vikings, and Redskins. All four teams took the first round exit back home.  Bengal and Viking fans I sincerely feel for you. Your teams simply blew their chance to win a round one playoff game. Bengal curse remained as Andy Dalton sat on the sideline. Certainly, his team wouldn’t let the Bengal fans down again would they? Well unfortunately they did and it was painful to watch. You can point the fingers at Burfict and Pacman Jones. Yes I said it, you can point the finger at these two guys. I understand Pittsburgh was playing hard and dirty too. Joey Porter should have never been on the field. This was the NFL wild wildcard weekend we can expect from the NFL. This still does not change the fact that the Bengals lost their cool and it cost them the game. Simply stop Pittsburgh drive and you win the game..Instead you help them down the field with personal foul penalties.. Sorry Bengals this was horrible way to lose and I do believe they have a team that will be back in the playoffs soon.

Will it get anymore crazy in the NFL wild wildcard weekend?
Yes, A Star running back in Adrian Peterson fumbles gives Seattle the change to take the lead. Then your star field goal kicker Blair Walsh misses a 28 year old field goal to win the game. This is the Bengal curse in full effect Mike Zimmer (former Bengal Defensive Coordinator).

Next up was poor Jay Gruden (Former Bengals offensive coordinator) who didn’t stand a chance. The Bengal curse would strike again. First Jay tried to call a timeout and referees didn’t see him. Minutes later Aaron Rodgers throws his first TD. It was over right then, Bengal curse was on and the remainder of the game the Packers finally played Green Bay football. Singing the fight song “Go Packers Go”, all the way back to Green Bay. The Bengal curse is real, and the evidence was all over this NFL wild wildcard weekend. :0

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NFL wild wildcard-Bengal Curse

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Author: Jason Raider

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